The start-up commercialisation program has been designed to empower Abu Dhabi's entrepreneurship ecosystem using industry widely accepted methodologies and approaches.

Over 30 projects will be supported in the first year alone, targeting a 40% commercialisation success rate.



Commercialisation Success Rate

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The purpose of the program is to provide strategic guidance and mentorship to both early and mature staged start-ups. The key focus is on:


Boosting entrepreneurial activity


Assisting start-ups to commercialise


Scaling-up ventures


Whether you are a start-up at the idea stage or with solid traction and revenue, our experienced team will help you validate your idea or strategy, carry out due diligence, ensure you have a lean and agile approach and assist you to create a “state-of-the-art” business plan that will increase your chances to attract investors’ interest.

  • TRL assessment

  • Conduct technology analysis and market research for inventions or ideas

  • Evaluate technology readiness of inventions or ideas

  • Discuss Strategy and Approach

  • Start the investment preparation

  • Connect ideas and highly disruptive solutions to the corporate world

  • Provide commercialisation support suitable for start-ups and SMEs

  • Receive mentorship and guidance from experts in the field

  • Get an independent assessment and validation of your tech and idea

  • Understand your potential scalability (market analysis, due diligence, etc.)

  • Finetune your strategy for Abu Dhabi growth

  • Verify your business model and plan

  • Fastrack your commercialisation and funding